Discover Creekside Wellness, nestled atop the elegant Tin Mill Restaurant and overlooking the Uxbridge Brook.

The therapists and practitioners pride themselves on offering exceptional service and making your health their priority. While providing therapeutic treatments, our team of professionals will help bring your body back to optimal health and well-being. Enjoy some time at Creekside Wellness and feel like you have escaped for days.

Meet our Team

Nicole-CreeksideNicole Colucci – Registered Massage Therapist, Clinic Director
Nicole has been practicing for 15 years as a Registered Massage Therapist. With a love for health and fitness, Nicole combines her passion with her Massage therapy skills to establish an ideal plan for her clients.  Utilizing additional training in acupuncture, thai-yoga, myofascial release, and herbal stem modalities where necessary.  “It is satisfying to see each day that I have created a place that combines the therapeutic side of massage therapy with the relaxed feel that is needed for total body healing”.

Services Provided: Traditional “Swedish” Massage, Hot Stone, Pre-natal, Thai-Yoga, Herbal Stem, & Acupuncture
Days of Week Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Ashley Kerswill – Registered Massage Therapist
Ashley is Registered Massage Therapist who is capable of delivering very therapeutic treatments. Being a yoga instructor accompanied with past spa experience allows her to incorporate relaxing elements with ease. Specializes in pre-natal massage.


Services Provided: Traditional “Swedish” Massage, Pre-natal, Thai-Yoga & Hot Stone
Days of the week Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Kristie McEachnie B.A., Registered Massage Therapist
After graduating from Brock University, Kristie continued her schooling in massage therapy.  Kristie has been practicing massage therapy for 9 years and is currently also in 4th year of school for Osteopathy.
Kristie has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and feels that it is important to work with clients to meet their goals!

Services Provided: Traditional “Swedish” Massage, Pre-Natal Massage
Days of the week Available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

caileighCaileigh Collins – Registered Massage Therapist
Growing up on a small farm I strive to live a health focused lifestyle. Before becoming a massage therapist I obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science which allowed me to take classes such as neurology, neuroscience, biopsychology, medical anthropology and forensic osteology. This has been an incredible foundation for my massage practice. By continuing my education with massage, I have developed practical, hands-on skills that I can now use to help others. This includes assessment and reassessment to ensure that we achieve optimal results together. I look forward to working with my clients to determine what techniques work best for them and their treatment goals. I have treated clients as young as 7 weeks old all the way up to 94 years of age, so I’m certain that everyone can find benefit from massage therapy.

Services Provided: Traditional “Swedish” Massage & Pre-natal, Hot Stone & Acupuncture

Days of the week Available: Tuesday & Thursday

SaharSahar Younes, Reiki Practitioner-CRA
Sahar is a Reiki Practitioner who is very passionate about health and wellness and helping others.  She has been practicing Reiki therapy for 15 years and performs self-treatments on a daily basis which allow her to continue to grow as a practitioner.  She truly enjoys sharing this therapy and its positive results with others.  Our bodies are truly self healing.  Reiki therapy simply facilitates this self healing by helping us reach that restful state where the wisdom of our bodies takes over to calm us; energise us; reduce pain and manage stress.  “Reiki therapy is really hard to explain as it is different for everyone.  The only way to really understand it is to experience a treatment so I always encourage people to give it a try!”  Sahar is a Level II Reiki Practitioner and a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

Services Provided: Reiki Therapy
Days of the Week Available: Monday through Saturday

JenniferJennifer Good – Registered Massage Therapist
Jen has been practicing as a registered massage therapist for 4 years with prior experience in rehabilitation. Whether you require a deep tissue massage or just want to relax, she will provide a treatment that is suitable for you.  “I look forward to going to work everyday.  Helping people improve the quality of their daily lives is very rewarding.”  A passion for helping people combined with an interest in the human body leaves Jen feeling she has found her calling in Massage Therapy.

Services Provided: Traditional “Swedish” Massage, Pre-natal & Post-natal Massage
Days of the Week Available: Monday,  Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

sarahSarah Voss, BSc., – Registered Massage Therapist
Sarah grew up loving and playing sports, and continued to play volleyball through University while studying Health and Human Performance in the US. Sarah went on to study massage at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy for 2 years. “I finally found a way to use my passion and knowledge of physiology and kinesiology, to help people improve their health in a very safe, effective and natural way. Whether they have an acute injury or are struggling with everyday stress, massage can benefit almost everyone.”

Services Provided: Traditional “Swedish Massage”, Pre-natal & Post-natal, Massage,  Sports Massage & Acupressure Massage
Days of the Week Available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

 shaylaShayla Garland – Naturopathic Doctor
The principles of naturopathic medicine have deeply resonated with Shayla since she first learned of them, at age 15.  “Treating root cause is so incredibly important to me, it is the key to creating lasting, sustainable change in someone’s health”.  Since Shayla learned of naturopathic medicine, her unwavering goal was to be an ND, and thus she attained a BSc from McMaster University and then completed the 4-year program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  During this time, she also travelled in every spare moment, and combined her passion for health and travel in one by doing extensive naturopathic medical outreach work abroad.

Days of the Week Available: Wednesday &  alternating Saturday

JillJill Potter  – Bowen Therapist
Jill and her family moved to Uxbridge less than two years ago and is newly certified in the original Bowtech (Bowen Technique). She first experienced Bowen Therapy several years ago when she had treatments to help with headaches (which she’d had since childhood) and lower back discomfort.  She couldn’t believe after her initial 3 treatments how much better she felt and issues had resolved.  When it came time for her to go back to work after being home with her two beautiful daughters, she knew that she no longer wanted to be involved in the Social Work Field.  She still wanted to help people but combine it with her passion of healthy, natural living.  Bowen therapy was a way she felt that she could do just that. “Everywhere I turn I see people who have health issues and live with discomfort and pain, I want to be able to help them.”   The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and Bowen sets that in motion in a hands on, yet gentle and effective way and addresses so many issues from head to toe. She is excited to make people aware of Bowen therapy and encourages them to try it, if not for something of concern, then for a way of relaxation.

Days of the Week Available: Tuesday evening & Wednesday morning